SQL Server Express Installer Helper

SQL Server Express Installer Helper is a PC utility intended to help download and install SQL Express with settings suitable for using SQL Express as a database server on a local network of PCs.

To download and install the helper utility, please click on the link below.

SQL Server Express Installation Helper

Note: SQL Server Express is a large package that can take some time to install. You may need to reboot your PC after the installation.

What Version of SQL Express is Installed?

The utility works out which version of SQL Express (32-bit or 64-bit) is best suited to your Windows OS and downloads the basic edition of SQL Express 2014 from Microsoft's website, i.e. it downloads the version of SQL Express without any tools such as SQL Server Management Studio.

What SQL Server Settings Are Applied During Installation?

The helper utility applies settings that enable:-

  • Features = SQL. This installs the database engine, replication and full-text features only.
  • SQL Server license terms are accepted.
  • The English version is installed.
  • A unique server instance is created, i.e. the server name is unique. By default this is "SQLEXPRESS" but a different name may be chosen by the utility if the name is already used.
  • TCP/ IP access and network discovery are installed and enabled allowing use of the SQL Express instance on a network.
  • A firewall exception is added allowing the new installation to be discovered on a network.
  • SecurityMode is set to allow SQL logins (SQL username/ password) as well as Windows Authentication.

Note: A SQL login/ password are set for the new SQL Server instance. A default is chosen but the user is given the option of changing these during the installation.

During installation a file is written to the Documents folder on the PC containing the new instance name and SQL Server login details.

During installation a sqlconfig.ini file is written to the Documents folder on your PC showing the settings applied when running the SQL Express installer. Typical contents of the sqlconfig.ini file are shown below.

; Specifies features to install, uninstall, or upgrade.
; The list of top-level features include SQL, AS, RS, IS, and Tools.
; The SQL feature will install the database engine, replication, and full-text.
; The Tools feature will install Management Tools, Books online,
; SQL Server Data Tools, and other shared components.
; Accept license terms
; Install English version if other language packs are available
ENU = "True"
; Display the UI but don't accept input (as opposed to QUIET which doesn't display a UI at all)
; Show progress in command line
; Define an Instance ID
; Define an Instance name
; Enable TCP/ IP
; Enable remote browsing
; Allow local admins access to the server
; Avoid rebooting
; Allow SQL login as well as Windows Authentication
; Set the SA account password - mandatory if SECURITYMODE = SQL is specified


Further Information

The main purpose of the SQL Server Installer helper was to aid setup of SliQ Invoicing as a client/ server application allowing multiple users to invoice simultaneously.

As well as setting up SQL Express to work as a server database it is necessary to set up a network of PCs. Assuming you are using Windows 10, more help on networking PCs can be found at Setting Up SliQ Invoicing in Server Mode.

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