On the Template Setup tab on the Setup page options are provided to:-


Choose a template/ style for your invoices and quotes.

Add a logo to your invoices and quotes.

Choose whether to show a PAID watermark on paid invoices.

Choose whether to show Quantity and Each columns on invoices and quotes.

Choose whether page numbers are always shown or only shown if there is more than one page on an invoice or quote.

Choose how the customer name appears in the address field on invoices and quotes.

Choose whether the last column on an invoice or quote includes VAT/ Tax in the total.

Choose whether invoices and quotes should include the VAT/ Tax rate as a column.


See also, editing a template using the template designer.


The Template Setup tab also shows a preview of how your invoices, quotes and statements will look with your chosen logo and the business details and standard text entered on the Business Details tab.





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