SliQ Invoicing includes an optional stock control feature. You can choose to turn on stock control when creating a new company in SliQ, via the Business Details tab or when upgrading from an earlier version.


When stock control is enabled, SliQ will track counts for products in the database shown on the main Products & Stock tab.




How does SliQ's Stock Control Feature Work?


On the Stock Control subtab (see the picture above) SliQ lets you define the following for a product:-


1. The Stock Level - the number in stock.

2. The Stock Reorder Level - when the number in stock is at or below this level, the stock is deemed to be low.

3. The Stock Reorder Quantity - the number to order when stock is at or below the Stock Reorder Level.

4. The Preferred supplier - the supplier to order new products from when stock is low.


Setting up the stock feature involves setting values for each of the above fields for each product.


SliQ will perform the following stock control functions:-



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