The Setup tab provides a number of options for configuring SliQ, e.g.


Choosing a template for your invoices, quotes etc.

Adding a logo to your invoices.

Setting the details of your business or choosing a currency.

Changing the tax name from the default of VAT.

Editing the invoice/ quote/ credit note/ statement templates provided with SliQ.

Choosing the method SliQ uses to send emails.

Edit email templates


The Setup tab also provides buttons for managing the saving or restoring backups of all the data stored in SliQ and managing (adding/ deleting) standard customer messages.


The configuration options are provided by tabs as shown in the picture below.




For more information, see:


Creating a Backup

Restoring a Backup

Business Details, Currency and Tax Name Options

Template Setup Options & Choosing a Template

Payment Terms Options

VAT/ Tax Rates Options



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