The Products & Stock Control tab gives access to functions for storing standard product and discount details. The details are available for easy selection when editing an invoice, credit note, quote or purchase order.


In addition the tab gives access to Stock Control features for products if stock control is enabled for the company.


The following picture shows the Products & Stock Control tab. The tab shows a list of the product records followed by a list of discounts.


For each product, two prices can be specified:-


1. A sales price.


This is the price to be used on invoices and quotes, i.e. the price at which you sell the product to your customers.


Note: SliQ can automatically calculate your selling price based on your cost price if you set up the Margin Calculator.


2. A cost price.


This is the price to be used on purchase orders, i.e. the price at which you buy the product from your supplier.


The buttons at the top of the tab allow you to create and delete product and discount records.


The panel at the bottom of the tab shows the details for the selected item and allows the details to be edited. You can also enter notes about the product. The notes will not be included on any invoices, quotes, POs etc.




Note: Any changes made to the details on the Products & Stock Control tab are automatically saved.


NO CHANGES made to the details will affect any existing invoice or quote.


See stock control for more help and information on SliQ Invoicing's stock control features.


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