SliQ will print and email both product and service invoices


Product invoices include a Quantity and Each column and are suitable, as the name suggests, for people selling quantities of products, e.g. 5 products at £1.20 each.


Service invoices just include an Amount column and are suitable for people selling services, e.g. Installing a Wood Burning Stove.


When you edit an invoice in SliQ, the Quantity and Each columns are always displayed for editing but can be turned off when the invoice is printed or emailed.


To turn off the Quantity and Each columns, uncheck the Print Quantity and Each checkbox at the top of the Full Invoice View form.




Note: When editing, if you want to print or email a service invoice, you will still need to set a quantity and each prices to get the total item price.


Note also that the Print Quantity & Each checkbox will only be displayed if you are using one of the standard, un-customised invoice templates. If you have edited the template, the invoice will be generated with the settings from the template. You can turn off the Quantity and Each columns in the printed/ emailed invoice by editing the columns shown in your custom invoice template.


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