You can optionally set a password on a company file. After a password has been set, you will need to reenter the password each time the file is opened.


Note: Do not forget your password. It is not possible to automatically retrieve your password.


To set a password:


1. Select the General tab under the main Setup tab.


2. Press the Set/ Change Password button.


The Change Password dialog will be displayed. Follow the instructions on the dialog to set a password on the company file.


Once you have set the main Adminstrator password on a company file as outline above, the main adminstrator can then assign extra user passwords and restrict the users from accessing specific parts of SliQ. For example you can add an extra user that can only raise invoices but not quotes or POs or you can add a user that can't see reports.


For more information, see Adding Extra Users and Restricting Access.


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