SliQ Invoicing includes an optional margin calculator. When enabled, the calculator allows you to specify a profit margin on the cost price of your products or services. When you then edit a cost price, SliQ will automatically calculate the sales price for the product.


To enable the margin calculator, do the following:


Ensure the Products & Stock Control tab is showing in SliQ and then press the Options button in the toolbar.




SliQ will then display the Options dialog.


If the Products & Stock Control tab is not showing in the dialog (see the picture below), use the arrows on the top right to switch to the correct option tab.




Check the Enables Sales Margin Calculator box to enable the calculator.


Then press the Margin Calculator button to configure the calculator.




The margin can be specified as a percentage, e.g. 20% or an offset from the cost price for a product.


You can optionally use the Rounding fields to make more presentable sales prices,  For example, if your cost price for a product is 24.99 and you specify a margin of 20%, your un-rounded price would then be 27.49. However, if you like selling products at prices ending in .99 then you can specify the rounding as Round up to the nearest 1.0 - 0.01 which will then give a final sales price of 27.99.


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