The Invoices & Payments tab gives access to functions for working with invoices and credit notes.


The following picture shows the Invoice & Payments tab.


The tab shows a list of the invoices and credit notes raised with SliQ.


The buttons at the top of the tab provide functions to raise new invoices, print or email the selected invoice, record payments and so on.


Note: You can customise the contents of the list via the Customise List dialog.




At the bottom are 2 or 3 tabs depending on the item selected in the list of invoices and credit notes. The tabs display:-


1. A Summary tab. This displays customer details and ageing information, i.e. when payment is due and how much is outstanding, for the selected invoice or credit note. The tab also displays the details of payments made against the selected invoice/ credit note.




2. A Notes tab. This allows you to make on the invoice.


The notes are not included on the invoice or credit notes sent to customers.




See also colour-coding invoices.


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