How do I search through invoice items as well as invoice and customer records on the Invoices & Payments tab

When searching for data by typing into the search box on the Invoices & Payments tab, it is also possible to search through the line items on the invoices, i.e. to search through the product codes and item descriptions.

By default, to keep the search process running quickly even with large sets of data, searching through invoice items is turned off. To turn it on:

1. Select the Invoices & Payments tab.
2. Click the Options button in the toolbar.

SliQ will then show the Options dialog with the options for the Invoices & Payments tab showing.

3. Check the box titled Apply Search to Items on Invoices.

4. Close the Options dialog.

Now when searching, SliQ will also search through items on invoices (as well as on quotes and orders when searching on the Quotes and Purchase Orders tabs).

SliQ will remember the setting when you close the company file so there is no need to set it each time you reopen SliQ.

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