To configure general options for SliQ Invoicing ...


Press the Options button in the toolbar.


Make sure the General tab is showing in the dialog as follows.







Always Show Decimal Places in Qty

When printing an invoice (or quote etc.) this option controls whether the Quantity columns on the invoice will show decimal places if the quantity is a while number. By default, SliQ would show a quantity of 1.00 as 1, i.e. without decimal places, but if you want SliQ to use the decimal places regardless, check this option.


Note that SliQ will always display non-zero decimal places regardless of this setting, e.g. if the quantity is 1.23, SliQ will display 1.23.

Number of Decimal Places

This setting control the number of decimal places SliQ shows for numeric values such as quantities and totals.


The majority of countries use 2 decimal places,

Do Not Select Contact on New Document

By checking this option, SliQ will leave the customer, or supplier for a PO, blank when the new invoice is raised.


By default, when you raise a new invoice or quote, SliQ will choose a default customer when the new invoice is opened for editing. For example, SliQ will use the same customer as for the invoice currently selected in the list on the Invoices & Payments tab.

Use Same Date as Last on New Document

If you raise multiple invoices in a session, checking this option makes the next invoice you raise in the session use the same date as the previous invoice.


By default, SliQ sets the Date Raised for a new invoice to the current date.

Only Show Prices for Subtotals and Discounts

Checking this option makes SliQ NOT SHOW prices and totals for line items on an invoice other than subtotal and discount lines. This allows you to list several line items then only show the total price for the set.


By default SliQ shows price and total data for all line items.

Enable Spellchecker

This option enables SliQ's built in spellchecker and allows you to choose the language for the spellchecker. The spellchecker is supplied with libraries for different variants of English as well as German, Greek, French, Spanish, Dutch and other languages.


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