If stock control is enabled in SliQ Invoicing, you can ask SliQ to find any products below their reorder level and automatically raise purchase orders to refill stock.



Note: As well as enabling stock control, the stock reorder level and reorder quantity values need to be set for products BEFORE the Find Low Stock function will find products to reorder. If the reorder levels and quantities are left as 0, SliQ will not flag the products as being low in stock.


To find low stock and raise purchase orders, do the following.


1. Ensure the Products & Stock tab is selected as shown in the picture below.


2. Then press the Find Low Stock button in the toolbar.




SliQ will then show the Check Products to Order for Stock dialog listing and products below their stock reorder level.


3. Check the products you wish to order and update the reorder quantity if needed.


The reorder quantity is taken from the stock control data on the Products & Stock tab in SliQ.


4. Choose a supplier for any products that do not yet have a preferred supplier.




5. Press the Raise & Close button.


SliQ will then create purchase orders for the selected products.


SliQ will combine products onto orders, i.e. it won't raise a separate order for each product if the products are sourced from the same supplier.


You can control the maximum number of line items placed on a single order using SliQ's options.


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