To enter the name of a new discount, type its name into the Item field. Then press the TAB key to move into the Description field.


In the example below, the name of a new discount "Regular Purchase" has been entered into the Item field.





When the TAB key is pressed, SliQ will recognise that a new product or discount name has been entered and will ask if you want to define the item.




Press the Yes button.


SliQ will then ask for the product or discount details to be entered.




Enter the required details, e.g.




Press OK to save the details. The details will then be displayed for the invoice item.




Edit the item details as required, e.g. change the Description field.




None of the changes you make, e.g. to the Description will be saved into the discount record. The changes will only be saved for the quote.


To make changes to the product details, see Product and Discount Records.





Discounts can be specified as %ages or absolute amounts.


If a discount is a %age, it applies to the previous item on the invoice or quote. For example, if the previous item cost £10 and a 10% discount is specified, a discount of £1 is subtracted even if there are more items on the invoice or quote.


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