SliQ Invoicing lets you email items to customers and suppliers, e.g. you can email invoices in PDF form to clients.


SliQ provides a number of methods of emailing items:-


  • Use your default desktop email client, e.g., Microsoft Outlook.
  • Use SMTP email methods to send email directly from SliQ itself.
  • Use Gmail to send emails.

Both Gmail and SMTP methods allow SliQ to bulk email items, e.g. bulk email unsent invoices to clients.


Gmail is easier to set up than SMTP. All you need do is create a Gmail email address via Google's Gmail setup then choose the Gmail option in SliQ. You can send emails from any email address via Gmail, even non-Gmail email addresses, as the setup process in SliQ Invoicing asks Google for you to give authorisation for emails to be relayed via Gmail by securely logging into your Gmail account.


For more help on choosing an email method in SliQ, see: Methods of Sending Emails.


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