Purchase Order details are edited on the Full Purchase Order View form.


The form is automatically opened when a new order is created. The details for an existing order can be edited either by double-clicking the quote in the Purchase Orders tab or selecting the quote and pressing the Open button.




The form contains a number of fields for editing.





This is the order number.


SliQ automatically chooses a new order number when creating a new order but the number can be edited if necessary.


These are the terms for the order. See Payment Terms for adding new terms.


When an order is created, this field is set to the current date but the date can be changed if desired.

Supplier Quote

This field allows you to enter a supplier quote number or reference if desired.

Required By Date

This field allows you to enter a date by which you require the goods to be delivered.


This field allows a new supplier name to be entered or the name of an existing customer to be selected from a dropdown list.


See Selecting a supplier for more information.


This is the supplier address.

Delivery Address

This is the address to which the items on the order are to be delivered. If this field is blank or the Use Delivery Address box is unchecked, the address will not be included on the printed order.

Supplier Message

This tab allows a message for the supplier to be entered. If the message is not blank, it will be printed on the order.


These are the order items.


See Inserting a new item and Deleting an item for more information.


The contents of this field are NOT printed on the order.


The field allows notes to be entered for the order, e.g. recording conversations with the supplier. The notes can be viewed on the Purchase Orders tab when the order is selected.


The toolbar contains a number of options:




VAT Inclusive Prices (or Tax Inclusive Prices)

Checking this box makes the invoice treat prices as tax (or VAT) inclusive. Without this box checked, SliQ will add VAT or tax to the prices you enter into the Each field.


Note: You can change this option on an invoice by invoice basis or set the global option to include or exclude tax from prices - see Business Details for more information.

Print Quantity & Each

If this box is checked, SliQ will include quantity and each columns on printouts and emails, i.e. SliQ will print a product invoice. If the box is unchecked, SliQ will output a service invoice.


Note: You can change this option on an invoice by invoice basis or set a global option.See Showing Quantity & Each columns for more information.

Show Units

Check this box if you want to include a units column on the invoice.


Note: You can change this option on an invoice by invoice basis or set a global option.See Showing Units column for more information.


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