As well as letting you choose from a set of standard templates, SliQ lets you edit the templates to suit your own, specific needs.


You can select different templates for your invoices, quotes, credit notes and statements on the Template Setup tab.


To edit a template, simply click the Edit button to the right of the template you want to edit as shown in the following picture.


For example, to edit the classic1 quote template, make sure classic1 is selected in the quote template selector and press the Edit button just to its right.




When you edit one of the predefined templates SliQ makes a copy of the template and asks you for a new template name as shown below.


You can either accept SliQ's suggestion or enter your own name for the template.




Click OK and the template editor will be opened.


Read the Template Editor page for help links on editing templates.


Make the changes you desire and then save and close the Template Editor. SliQ will automatically select your new template.


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