Customer details can be edited on the Customers tab OR when editing an invoice or quote.


To edit details on the Customers tab, first select the tab as shown in the picture below.


Then select the customer from the list and edit the details.


[PICTURE editcustomer.ipp]


All edits will be automatically saved.


Customer Name, Contact Name & Alphabetic Ordering


Using the customer name and contact name fields for a customer will allow you to easily find customers in the alphabetical list on the Customers & Statements tab as well as print readable names when invoicing customers.


Using the customer and contact name is of particular use when invoicing individuals as opposed to companies.


For example, if you enter the customer name as:


Mr John Evans

Mr Fred Garrett

Mrs Jane Wills


Then all of the customers will be listed under M.


However, if you set the customer names as follows:


Evans, John Mr

Garrett, Fred Mr

Wills, Jane Mrs


Then they will be listed in a more sensible alphabetic order.


Note: By default, SliQ lists the customer name as the first line of the address when printing or emailing invoices, quotes etc. If you entered customer name such as Evans, John Mr, then you should use the contact name instead as the first line of the address field. See Address Field Options for information on how to change the address format.


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