Email templates can be edited for emails sent with invoices, quotes, statements, purchase orders, receipts and reminders.


The email templates can be populated with fields that are replaced from the data you have entered into SliQ at the point of creating an email.




You can enter any extra email addresses into the cc or  bcc fields, e.g. you might want to email yourself a copy of any invoice emails sent out.


The cc and bcc fields can contain multiple emails separated by semi-colons, e.g.




Additionally you can add attachments to emails, e.g. you could add a document containing your terms and conditions to be sent with your emails.


HTML Emails


SliQ allows emails to be entered in both plain text and HTML format. Each format has its own advantages:


Plain text email can be sent using any of SliQ's email sending methods (default email client, Outlook, Gmail or SMTP). In addition, receivers will be able to read the email even if they are using an email client that does not support HTML emails.


HTML email can only be sent using the Outlook or SMTP email sending methods in SliQ. However, you have more options for formatting HTML emails and can also include your business logo if desired.


Note: For Outlook and SMTP email sending methods, SliQ will send BOTH the text and HTML copy of an email template. Always complete both forms of template. Don't just edit the HTML template - make the same wording changes to the text email template even though you can't add a logo or do things like set text to bold.


To enter a HTML email template:


1. Select the HTML Email subtab.


2. Check the Use HTML box to show the HTML editor.


The HTML editor has a toolbar containing formatting commands and buttons to allow images, HTML templates and hyperlinks to be added to the email template.





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