SliQ shows lists of data on many of its major tabs, e.g. on the Invoices & Payments tab, Customers & Statements tab and Quotes tab. All the major lists can be customised on a per-company file basis. You can add and remove fields, reorder columns and change the style (colours, fonts etc.) of the lists.


To customise any of the lists, go to the tab showing the list you'd like to change, e.g. go to the Invoices & Payments tab, and press the Options button in the toolbar.




SliQ will then display the Options dialog. When the Options dialog is launched it shows the options tab for the SliQ tab on which the Options toolbar button was pressed. If the Options tab is not showing the correct tab for the list you want to modify, use the left/ right arrows on the top right of the option tabs in the dialog to show the appropriate tab.




Press the Configure Columns button to show the Customise List dialog.




Check the boxes for the columns you'd like to show (or uncheck those you wish to hide).


You can change the title for a column by double-clicking in the heading fields.


You can reorder columns in the list by selecting the row for a list column and using the Up/ Down buttons.


If you want to change the style of the list, switch to the Customise Style tab on the dialog.




Note: If you want to switch the list back to its default settings (style and columns), press the Default List button at the top of the dialog.


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