When it starts SliQ checks whether automatic copies of recurring invoices should be raised. You can also force SliQ to check if automatic copies should be raised by pressing the Check Recurring button in the Manage Recurring Transactions dialog. To open the Manage Recurring Transactions dialog, click the Manage Recurring button in the main Invoices & Payment tab.


If the Confirm Automatic Invoices option is set, SliQ displays the Check Automatic Invoices dialog. This dialog allows you to:


Check which invoices you want to raise

Edit invoice items

Edit the Customer Message

Make notes on the invoice




When you have verified that you want to raise the invoices, press the Raise & Close button. The invoices will then be added to the list in the Invoices & Payments tab. If you check the Print the Invoices box before pressing Raise & Close, all the checked invoices will be printed.


If you want to skip raising automatic invoices and raise the invoices later, press the Skip Raising button. If you press Skip Raising, you will lose any edits you make in the Confirm Automatic Invoices dialog.


Note: If you uncheck an invoice then press Raise & Close, SliQ will NOT attempt to raise a new copy of the recurring invoice until the next due date.


For example, if you have a monthly recurring invoice and you uncheck the invoice in June, SliQ will not raise another invoice copy automatically until July.


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