Choose the Business Details tab on the Setup page to edit items such as:-


Change the default VAT/Tax name displayed on invoice and quotes

Choose to use VAT/ Tax Inclusive Prices




Enter your Business Details and VAT/ Tax Registration Number


The following picture shows the Business Details tab. You business name and details together with your VAT or Tax Registration number are entered in the Your Details panel.




The Business Details tab also allows up to two lines of standard text to be entered for display at the bottom of your invoices and quotes. The text might include your BACS number or something like "Make cheques payable to XXX".


Note: A preview of how your standard text and business details will look on your invoices, quotes etc. can be seen on the Template Setup page.



Choose or Specify a Currency


The Business Details tab allows you to choose a currency symbol to be displayed on your invoices, quotes, reports etc.


In the Choose Currency panel, select either £, $ or € or, for a different currency, select Other and enter a single character into the textbox, e.g. R for the South African Rand.





Change VAT/ TAX Name


By default, SliQ displays a VAT (Value Added Tax) column and figures on invoices and quotes IF you have entered a VAT/ Tax number into your business details. The name VAT is appropriate for use in the UK and some EU countries. If you want to change the name to something more appopriate for your country, edit the Tax Name field on the Business Details tab.





Choose VAT/ Tax Inclusive Prices


By default, SliQ lets you enter VAT/ Tax-exclusive prices.


This means that, for example, when you edit an item on an invoice, SliQ adds VAT/ tax to the total invoice item amount.


However, on the Setup/ Business Details tab you can choose to enter VAT/ Tax inclusive prices. SliQ will then deduct VAT/ tax from the amounts you enter when editing invoices.


Note: Whether you select tax inclusive or exclusive prices on this tab, you can always change the option while editing an individual invoice, quote or credit note.





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