SliQ automatically makes a backup of your data the first time you close a company file.


The purpose of the automatic backup is to provide a safety net when you have unintentionally deleted items within SliQ.


Note: Please make backups off your hard disk in case of computer failure using the Save & Restore buttons on the Setup tab. Do not just rely on the automatic backup.


Where are the Automatic Backups Stored?


By default, the automatic backups are stored in folder My Documents\SliQInvoicing5\AutoBackup.


To change the location for automatic backups, see Automatic Backup Options.


How often and how many automatic backups are made?


SliQ saves a backup each time you close a company file or shutdown SliQ.


The name of the autobackup file contains the date on which the file was created. If a company file is opened and closed again on the same day, the backup file for that day will be overwritten.


SliQ will create up to 35 backups in a single folder before deleting the oldest backup.


Note: If you are working with SliQ Invoicing in Server Mode, SliQ does not perform automatic backups but instead relies on you to schedule your own backups via SQL Server. For more information, see: Automating SQL Server backups


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