By default, access to company data in SliQ is unrestricted. However, once you have set an initial, administrator password on a company file (see here for more information), the administrator can open the company file using their password and assign extra users with limited access rights, e.g. a user could be added that is not allowed to see reports or is not allowed to raise purchase orders.


Firstly, if you have not already done so, follow these instructions to assign an administrator password on the company file.


Note: Passwords are set on a per company file basis not on SliQ as a whole.


Then go to the General sub tab under the main Setup tab and press the Manage User Rights button.




SliQ will display the Manage User Passwords dialog.




To add a user/ password, click the Add button in the toolbar.


To set specific rights for a user, click the user in the list then check the appropriate Can Access Invoices, Can Access Quotes boxes etc. in the toolbar.


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