In SliQ Invoicing, carriage/ delivery charges can be added in two ways. For more information, follow the links below:



Showing Carriage/ Delivery at the Bottom of an Invoice or Quote


All of SliQ Invoicing's templates allow you to show carriage or delivery charges at the bottom as part of the subtotal/ total section.


To specify a figure for carriage and have it appear at the bottom of your invoice or quote, enter your carriage charges into the Carriage tab when, for example, editing and invoice.




If you are registered for VAT/ tax you can also specify the tax rate to apply to carriage.



Adding Carriage/ Delivery as a Line Item


Delivery or carriage can be added as a line item on an invoice or quote. You can then specify the appropriate amount of tax/ VAT to be applied to the item. An example of adding delivery charges as a line item is shown below:




Note that adding delivery charges as a line item allows you to specify standard delivery charges as products using the product database. You can then easily add different delivery charges by selecting the appropriate charge using the Item column on the line item editor - see Selecting an Item for help on entering line items using this method.


If you decide to show your carriage or delivery charges as a line item in this way, you may want to edit your templates using SliQ's template editor and delete the carriage item shown in the totals section, i.e. delete this item:




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