Online Invoicing

As an alternative to our desktop invoice software SliQ Invoicing, if you would like to invoice anywhere, including on a tablet such as an iPad or a phone with an internet connection, try SliQ Invoicing Online - our cloud invoicing software.

SliQ Invoicing Online allows multiple users to invoice for the same company simultaneously as well as invoice in mutiple currencies.

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Invite Users To Work On Your Company Invoices

A basic account with SliQ Invoicing Online allows two people to invoice for the same company at the same time. Purchase options are also provided for up to 5 and up to 10 users to invoice on the same company data.

To add users all you need do is enter their email, set the access rights, e.g. can they raise invoices, can they change setup, can they see reports.

Invoice Template Editor

Choose from Multiple Invoice Templates

SliQ Invoicing Online includes the same invoice templates as SliQ Invoicing Plus including invoice templates suitable for use with and without a logo.

SliQ includes multiple options for customising templates and even supports a downloadable template editor that can be used to edit templates in your cloud invoicing account in SliQ Online.

Invoice Template Editor

Invoice in Multiple Currencies

SliQ Invoicing Online allows a different currency to be defined for each customer if desired. Any product or discount prices are automatically converted from your own company's currency into the customer currency when added as line items on invoices. All report data is converted back to your company currency, e.g. if your company has the UK pound sterling as its currency and you invoice one customer in US dollars and another in Euros, all your reports will show figured in UK sterling.

SliQ automatically updates currency conversion rates throughout the day as well as allowing you to override the conversion rates manually if you wish.

Invoice Template Editor

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