How to set Windows Live Mail as the Default Email Client

Note: For a free email client for Windows 10 email, see: Free Email Client for Windows 10

If you are using Windows Live Mail as your email program on Windows 7 but you are having trouble sending email from other programs, e.g. SliQ Invoicing or Winzip, it’s worth checking that Windows Live Mail is set as the default email client in Windows.To do the default email client check, do the following:-

1. Click the Start button and on the righthand side of the Start menu, choose the Default Programs option.

2. In the windows that opens, choose the Set your default options link.

3. In the Set your default programs Window, select Windows Live Mail and then choose the Set this program as default option as shown in the following picture.


4. Click the OK button.

5. Close the Default Programs window.

Now, if you try to email from SliQ with the email sending option set to Send using the Default Email Program, Windows Live Mail should be launched with your email text and invoice template attached.

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