SliQ Submitter Plus V3 Released

SliQTools has released version 3 of SliQ Submitter Plus, our web directory submitter.

SliQ Submitter Plus

SliQ Submitter Plus

V3 of SliQ Submitter Plus includes all the features of the old version 2 and adds a number of significant improvements making it an even better directory submitter:-

Improved User Interface

V2 already had a reputation of being easy to use but we felt that over time new features had been added in less obvious places. The new user interface layout makes features more discoverable and keeps only the most relevant items on display when performing tasks.

Fully Automatic Submitter

A number of users had requested fully automatic – one-click – submission to directories. Although the Fast submitter from V2 is still present in V3 and can still do automatic submissions, a new Auto submitter has been added that makes a single button click complete submissions to the full directory set in SliQ. The older Fast submitter still allows the greatest precision when selecting directory categories during a submissions run but the Auto submitter offers the highest submission speed and convenience to the user. One of our tips to make the submission process more successful is to use the Fast submitter for 30 to 50 submissions so SliQ can intelligently learn the types of categories you like, then switch to the Auto submitter to let SlQ do the donkey work of completing the remaining submissions for you.


A scheduler was the no. 1 requested feature from our users. V3 contains a scheduler that lets you queue up websites, letting SliQ automatically take care of submissions, email confirmations and live link gathering. You can add as many directory campaigns as you like to the scheduler and leave SliQ to spread your submissions over days, weeks or months as you feel is necessary.

V3 contains many more improvements including support for more recent directory scripts, the ability to specify category words as well as keywords, increased numbers of threads for submissions and an improved directory analyser for adding customer directories. As with V2, SliQ Submitter Plus still lets you submit to 100 directories for free. To take a free trial of our directory submitter, check out the directory submitter product page.

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