Stop Snagit Editor Popping up When Snipping Tool Captures an Image

Snagit is a great image editor and capture tool but sometimes it is more convenient to capture using the Windows Snipping Tool. However, by default, Snagit runs up its editor when it detects the Snipping Tool capturing an image. This can be somewhat annoying if all you need to do is quickly capture, copy and paste images into an email (for example) using the Snipping Tool.

To stop Snagit from popping up, do the following:

1. Run Snagit, i.e. run the Snagit Capture tool.


2. Under the File menu, Choose the Capture Preferences option.

3. Uncheck the Open screenshots copied from System Tools checkbox …




Now you can snip in peace without the Snagit editor popping up.




24 thoughts on “Stop Snagit Editor Popping up When Snipping Tool Captures an Image

  1. Thomas

    Thank you so much for this information!!! Like you say, snagit is great but the unrequested opening each time when you use snipping tool was driving me nuts.

  2. Brent

    Thank you! I really, really appreciate this. I found Snagit so annoying every time I used any other snipping tool. Snagit recently started popping up when copying/pasting Excel cells which just added to the frustration.

  3. Murn A.J. Miller Jr.

    I’m in the exact same boat as Jason Wright. It was driving me batty! So I search & found you, folks. I’m just amazed there are solutions online for software issues. This fixed the problem. My jaw hit the floor LOL….
    Thank you so much for having this tip out here.

    Best Regards,

    Murn A.J. Miller Jr.

  4. Jim

    Me too – thought I was computer lierate but didn’t find the right option to toggle – thank you and damn how annoying is/was snagit popping open. whoever thought that was a good idea should re-think their career choices ;o)

  5. Scott

    Thank you! I could not figure out how to stop this as it was SO annoying. Very much appreciate you sharing this with us!

  6. Brian

    Great post, very helpful!
    In the page there is another item: Scale captures down to 1920×1080 (recommended)
    What should be done about this? The resolution of the images from this tool is not good.

    Thank you.

  7. EP

    Thank you so much!!! I was about to request my IT guys to remove Snagit (Two years in this company and I’m still not really using it!)

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