How to Stop Outlook receiving emails for an account without deleting the account

Sometimes it’s useful to have Outlook stop receiving emails for a specific email account. One way of achieving this is to delete the account from Outlook. The problem then is that if you want to receive emails on that account again you will need to reenter the account details like server, password etc.

A simpler way of stopping emails is to remove the email account from the Send/ Receive Groups in Outlook. You can do this by:-

1. Choose File then Options in Outlook.

2. In the Outlook Options dialog, click the Advanced options on the left.

3. In the Advanced options, click the Send/ Receive button to show the Send/ Receive Groups dialog.

4. Select the All Accounts group and then press the Edit button.

5. In the Send/ Receive settings dialog, choose the email account you want to disable on the left then uncheck the Include the selected account in this group box as shown in the picture below.


5. Press OK then back in the previous dialog pressĀ Close.

Outlook will now no longer try and download emails from the account.

To re-enable email downloads, repeat the steps above except at step 5 check the Include this group box.

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