Instructions for Upgrading

Follow these instructions to transfer your data and custom templates into the latest version of SliQ Invoicing Plus:-

1. Download the SliQ Invoicing Plus V5 installer from our downloads page.

2. Run the downloaded installer.

3. Run SliQ Invoicing Plus V5.

Installing on the same PC as your copy of V4, V3 or V2

If you have installed V5 on the same PC as you have installed V2,  V3 or V4, when you first run V5, V4 will automatically copy across your templates and last data file so that they are automatically available.

Installing on a PC that doesn't have V2, V3 or V4 already installed

If you are installing V5 on a different PC to the one on which you used your old copy, you will need to copy your company files and edited templates from the old PC to the PC with V5 on it.

Your templates should be copied from the CustomTemplates folder on your old PC to the My Documents\SliQInvoicing5\CustomTemplates folder on the new PC.

If you were using V2, your old templates will be in folder: My Documents\SliQInvoicing\CustomTemplates

If you were using V3, your old templates will be in folder: My Documents\SliQInvoicing3\CustomTemplates

If you were using V4, your old templates will be in folder: My Documents\SliQInvoicing4\CustomTemplates


Upgrading your V1 data

If you want to transfer older data from SliQ Invoicing V1, save a backup of your data in V1 using the Save button on the Setup tab. Then restore the data into V4 by running V4 and pressing the Restore button on the Setup tab. Your custom templates should also be copied from the My Documents\SliQ\CustomTemplates folder to the My Documents\SliQInvoicing3\CustomTemplates folder.


1. If you have not already done so, you will need to purchase an unlock code for V5 as an unlock code for V1, V2, V3 or V4 will not work with V5. Please read our terms and conditions for more information.

2. V5 stores data in a different folder to previous versions of SliQ Invoicing. Data is now stored in My Documents\SliQInvoicing5.

3. When you open any V1, V2, V3 or V4 company file, V5 takes a separate copy and upgrades the format of the file. The upgraded file cannot then be opened in your earlier software.

4. Note that V5 is a completely separate installation on your PC. You can still use V3 to edit the old V4 company files but if you open a V4 company file in V5, V5 makes a completely separate copy of the data in a new, upgraded format.


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