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Lost Unlock Code or Unlock Code Not Working?

If you have lost your unlock code, please check your old emails for a copy of the email we originally sent you that contained the unlock code.

Alternatively, if you go to the page - Get Existing Unlock Codes - and enter the email you used when purchasing via PayPal and we will email you your original unlock codes.

Video Tutorials

We have a growing number of video tutorials for SliQ Invoicing. Please visit the links below to see the tutorials:

Getting started with SliQ Invoicing and Raising your First Invoice

Editing an Invoice Template - Adding a VAT Summary

Editing an Invoice Template - Adding a Payment summary

Editing an Invoice Template - Modifying the Columns Shown for Line Items

How to Upgrade from SliQ Invoicing Lite to SliQ Invoicing

How to Set Up Recurring Invoices

Setting Up Invoice Reminders for Late Payment

Remote Support Software

If you raise a support ticket at our help desk and we need more information we may ask your permission for remote access to your PC in order to provide more efficient support. We provide remote support using the industry-leading TeamViewer remote support software. If we need to establish a remote connection to your PC, we will ask you to download and run the TeamViewer client software by clicking on the button below.

Download TeamViewer Download TeamViewer

Note that we can only access your PC while you are running the downloaded TeamViewer client software.

Quick Help File Links

The table below includes links to the main sections in the online SliQ Invoicing help file.

Alternatively, a PDF manual for SliQ Invoicing can be downloaded by clicking on this link: SliQ Invoicing User Guide.


Help Link


Managing Attachments


Creating a Backup

Restoring a Backup

Automatic Backups

Backing up Custom Templates

Carriage/ Delivery Showing Carriage/ Delivery/ Shipping Charges


Creating a Company

Opening a Company

Saving a Copy of a Company

Credit Notes

Raising a credit note.

Adding your company logo

Customer Details

Storing Customer Details

Exporting Customer Details

Importing Customer Details

Customer Statements

Customer Statements

Viewing a Customer Statement

Data Exchange

Exported Customer Details File Format

Importing Customer Details

Exporting Customer Details

Exported Product Details File Format

Importing Products & Discounts

Exporting Products & Discounts

Delivery Notes

Printing a Delivery Note

Saving a PDF of a Delivery Note


Specifying a Discount

Setting a Discount on a group of items

Setting an overall discount for an invoice


Troubleshooting Email Problems

Methods of Sending Emails

Editing Email Templates

Exporting to Excel

Exporting Reports to Excel

Exporting Customer Details to CSV/ Excel


Raising invoices

Listing invoices - showing unpaid invoices

Recording customer payments against invoices

Raising a new copy of an old invoice

Adding your company logo

Showing a PAID watermark on a fully paid invoice

Product Invoices

Service Invoices

Recurring Invoices

Using SubTotals to group items

Setting a Discount on a group of items

Setting an overall discount for an invoice

Invoice Template Designer

Template Editor

Renaming a Template

Copying a Template

Deleting a Template

Payment Terms

Choosing payment terms

Product Details

Storing Product Details

Purchase Orders

Raising a Purchase Order

Editing a Purchase Order


Writing a quote

Raising a new copy of an old quote

Converting a quote into an invoice

Adding your company logo

Service Quotes

Product Quotes

Reminders Sending Invoice Reminders


Generating Reports, e.g. how much are you owed?

Stock Control Stock Control




Choosing a Template/ Style

Business Details Options

Preview & Logo Options

Payment Terms Options

VAT Rates & Tax (non UK/ EU) Options

Currency Options

Standard Customer Messages

Managing standard customer messages for quick use when raising invoices and quotes

Password Protection

Setting a password on a company file.

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