SliQ Purchase Order Systemis used to create professional purchase orders that you can either print or email so suppliers

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Purchase Order Software

SliQ Invoicing Plus  is an purchase order software package allowing you to raise purchase orders and easily store supplier and product details.

As well as letting you manage purchase orders, SliQ Invoicing Plus also lets you create a range of business documents such as invoices, delivery notes, quotes and credit notes.

It takes only a few button clicks to create a purchase order with a new supplier. You can choose to add one-off items to the purchase order or to add the items you are buying into the product database.

Store Supplier and Product Details

Our purchase order management system lets you store a database of supplier details as well as a product database.

Editing a purchase order is made as simple as possible and you can pick supplier and products from the database as well as search for suppliers, e.g. by name, address or postcode, while editing the order. You don't need to build up a database of products and suppliers in advance - you can enter all necessary data while editing the PO.

Never enter information twice.

Once you've entered a new supplier name or product title on a purchase order, you can easily find the item again when raising a new PO - simply enter the first few characters of the name and SliQ will automatically show the items starting with the characters entered.

Customise purchase order document templates

While SliQ Invoicing Plus comes supplied with a range of professional purchase order templates for you to choose from, we realise that everyone has different needs. So that you can customise the look of purchase orders to fit with your needs, we supply an easy to use template editor. Using the template editor you can easily add or remove text and bitmaps as well as move and resize items on the templates.

Print or Email Purchase Orders.

As to be expected, SliQ can print off purchase orders but you can also save the purchase orders as PDFs and email them from within our software - all with a single button click! We implement a number of options for sending purchase orders by email - using your default email client, using Microsoft Outlook as well as letting you bulk email purchase orders directly from within our software. We even provide handy standard email message templates so you can standardise the messages you send to suppliers.


What's inside?

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  • Instantly create professional...
    create templates
    • Purchase Orders
    • Invoices
    • Professional Invoices
    • Quotes
    • Credit notes
    • Delivery notes
    • Statements and Ageing reports
    • Sales reports
    • plus more ...
  • Powerful Features
    create templates
    • Setup wizard to help you get started
    • A range of PO templates
    • Raise repeat POs with a single click
    • Supplier details database
    • Product details database
    • Automatic backup
    • No hassle install on Windows XP, Vista and 7.
  • Easy to manage
    easy to use
    • Automatic PO Numbering
    • Configurable Currencies and Taxes
    • Email directly to customers, manage suppliers
    • Choose from a range of purchase order templates
    • Edit the purchase order templates to suit
    • Print preview for all items

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