Multiple Invoice TemplatesSliQ Invoicing allows you to easily choose from a set of professional invoice templates as well as customise the styles using the inbuilt template editor

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SliQ's Invoice Templates

SliQ Invoicing comes with a range of invoice templates.

Choosing an invoice template is incredibly easy. All you need do is choose from one  of the many styles provided.

Different templates are provided for use with and without a company logo. A range of options are provided to customise an invoice template, e.g. by changing the data columns, adding standard messages and altering the footer.

See some examples of the invoice templates provided with SliQ Invoicing on the right.

Although SliQ's templates come pre-loaded with all the essential elements you need from an invoice template, we also provide an easy to use invoice template editor. For example, if you already have a specific company style for your stationery you can use the template editor to make the SliQ templates match your other paperwork.

With the template editor it's easy to add extra bitmaps and logos, e.g. if you are an electrician or plumber and you may want to add quality of trade accreditation logos to your invoices and quotes.

Invoice Template Editor

SliQ Invoicing Plus includes an easy to use invoice template editor.

Invoice Templates Editor


The template editor lets you change the fonts, colours and layouts of items on templates. You can edit and save as many different templates as you like even associating specific templates with a single invoice or a specific customer if needed.

You can even configure the columns that appear on your templates, e.g. you can add a date column to an invoice or show customer delivery addresses for invoices on a statement.

Out of the box, the templates provided with show all the essential fields needed on an invoice template but using SliQ Invoicing Plus's template editor you can add even more fields to an invoice and map the fields to values from SliQ database.

For example, you can ...

  1. Include a payment summary table that shows all payments made against the invoice.
  2. Include a VAT (or Tax) Summary table showing the total amounts charged on the invoice at different tax rates.
  3. Add new columns, e.g. item number, and reorder the positions of columns.
  4. Remove columns to create service invoice templates showing only Descriptions and Totals for each line item.
  5. Place different fields, adjust their position, font size and colour and then show a print preview to see if the edited template matches your needs.

Providing a range of templates with the capability of creating VATable product or service templates makes our software suitable for any business whether an accountancy firm or tradesperson such as a plumber, electrician, plumber.

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Invoice Template Examples

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SliQ comes with a set of professional, clean invoice templates allowing you to pick one you like. Using the in-built template editor you can make as many alterations as you like to the templates.

The set of invoice templates shown below are just a selection of examples of our standard templates, showing the Classic and Professional templates with different colour schemes.

Example Invoice Style - Classic 1Example Invoice Template - Professional 1

Example Invoice Template Class 2Example Invoice Template Professional 2

Example Invoice Template Professional 3Example Invoice Template Professional 4

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