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SliQ Invoicing and Quoting  is an invoice software package allowing you to create and track professional invoices, quotes, purchase orders, delivery notes and credit notes. Our invoicing application helps your business by producing clear, readable, professional quotes and invoices to help you get paid accurately and on time. SliQ includes an automatic/ recurring invoices feature that can save you loads of time raising repeat invoices for customers.

This is the business details page. Our invoice software places the information entered on this page on your invoices and estimates.This is the Invoice Setup page. Our invoice program provides a preview of how your invoices, quotes, credit notes and statements will look with your business details and setup information.Click to enlarge
Create professional invoices, quotes and purchase orders.

No more wondering how to make an invoice - in only a few mouse clicks you can create new invoices and quotes or create a copy of an existing item. You can add your own logo, customer messages or standard details, e.g. bank account details or who to pay cheques to. Easily print invoices as delivery notes without price information. SliQ Invoicing Plus also include a stock control feature and will track stock levels as you invoice customers or received good on purchase orders.

This is the Invoice payments tab within our Invoice Software - the first screen displayed by our invoice software. The tab shows all invoices together with payment history and customer contact information.Click to enlarge
Get started in minutes.

With our invoice software, creating an invoice couldn't be easier - just enter your business name and address and you're ready to go. SliQ Invoicing and Quoting even includes a setup wizard that helps you choose one of the many invoice templates provided and enter the correct data to raise your first invoice or quote. There's no need to enter customer or product information first - you can enter all these details while editing the invoice or quote. 

Example Professional Invoice Example Invoice in Style Plain Click to find out more about our invoice templates
Track payments. See who's late and chase payment.

All invoices are displayed in date order on the entry page. Each invoice indicates if it's paid and whether or not it's overdue. Click on an invoice to see the customer contact details or to apply payments. Apply filters to see invoices for specific customers and dates or unpaid invoices only. With one click you can email a reminder to the customer.

This is the Customers and Statements tab within our invoice software. The tab lists all customers together with the outstanding monies they owe. Statements can be produced.Click to enlarge
Store customer and supplier details. Send statements.

Our invoice software also allows customer address and contact information to be stored. The Customers & Statements tab lists all customers together with the total amount they owe and whether any invoices are overdue. Statements with ageing reports can be generated and printed or emailed to customers. You can even store notes on customers allowing you to manage customer relationships.

Never enter information twice.

Once you've entered a new customer name or product on an invoice or quote, you'll never have to enter it again. Just enter the first few letters of any previously typed name or item and SliQ Invoicing & Quoting will fill in the rest for you.

Customise invoices and purchase orders.

If the labels and column headings on invoices, quotes, credit notes, purchase orders or statements don't suit your business, e.g. instead of Quantity and Each column titles, you'd like Hours and Rate, SliQ lets you easily customise the templates and shows the changes in a handy preview.

Automatic/ Recurring Invoicing. Do you repeatedly invoice customers the same amount, e.g. a monthly payment on a car loan or for quarterly maintenance work? SliQ Invoicing can automate the invoicing process for you. Select an invoice, mark it as a recurring invoice, specify the frequency (month, two months etc.) and SliQ will automatically raise a fresh copy of the invoice on the required date.

Export and Import Customer and Product Data.

Customer and product data can be exported from one copy of SliQ and imported into another copy. This allows multiple salespeople to share customers and product data.

Export Sales Reports to Microsoft Excel.

Sales reports can be exported to Microsoft Excel. When the data is exported to Excel formulas are created allowing the data to be manipulated and analysed within Excel, e.g. by creating a chart. 

Email invoices, quotes, credit notes and statements

With one click, SliQ Invoicing & Quoting automatically converts any invoice, quote, credit note or statement into a PDF and attaches it to an email. Type in your email message and send. Our invoice software comes with its own built-in PDF conversion software so you don't need to buy any extras.

This is the Reports tab within our invoicing software. A number of different sales report, e.g. sales by invoice, together with filters are supported.Click to enlarge
Get a view of your business

One-click reports make it easy to see unpaid invoices, customer sales, total sales plus more. Reports can be printed or emailed as PDFs to your accountant. For an overview of the reporting features in SliQ Invoicing, check our invoice reporting page.

What's inside?

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  • Instantly create professional...
    create templates
    • Invoices
    • Quotes
    • Credit notes
    • Delivery notes
    • Purchase Orders
    • Statements and Ageing reports
    • Multiple sales reports
    • Outstanding invoices reports
    • plus more ...
  • Powerful Features
    create templates
    • Setup wizard to help you get started
    • A range of invoice templates
    • Raise repeat invoices with a single click
    • Print invoices as delivery notes with a single click
    • Customer details database
    • Product details database
    • Database of standard discounts
    • Track payments
    • Automatic backup
    • No hassle install on Windows Vista.
    • Export report data to Microsoft Excel
  • Multiple Reports
    multiple reports
    • Sales by Customer
    • Sales by Invoice
    • Sales by Product
    • Unpaid Invoices
    • Overdue Invoices
    • Apply filters to reports - date, paid/ unpaid, customer plus more
    • Email reports as PDFs
    • Save reports as PDFs
  • Incredibly easy to use
    easy to use
    • Single and multiple company invoice programs
    • Automatic Invoice & Quote Numbering
    • Converts Quotes into Invoices automatically
    • Automate Billing with Recurring Invoices
    • Export Sales Reports to Excel with a single button click
    • Configurable Currencies and Taxes
  • Easy to manage
    easy to use
    • Email directly to customers, manage customer contacts
    • Product invoices and service invoices
    • Choose from a range of invoice templates
    • Optional remittance slips
    • Add discounts for invoice items
    • Print preview for all items
  • Improve business image and save money
    easy to use
    • Professional-looking invoices and quotes
    • Use your own logo on invoices and quotes
    • Control customer accounts and very importantly cash inflow!
    • Find out who is overdue on payments!
    • Edit invoice templates to suit you business stationery
    • Reduce accountant fees by providing reports on sales
    • Affordable, One-off cost, no monthly or yearly subscriptions
  • Comprehensive user guide
    comprehensive user guide

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