Quickly see Outstanding InvoicesAt a glance, SliQ Invoicing shows you a list of outstanding invoices including who's overdue on payment.

  • At a glance see who owes you money and how much !
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Invoices and Payments in SliQ Invoicing

SliQ Invoicing's Invoices & Payments tab makes managing your invoices, credit notes and tracking payments a breeze.

The tab displays a list of your invoices and credit notes with handy filters to quickly see just the unpaid invoices.

All the invoices and credit notes are colour-coded (overdue invoices are shown in red) so you can see at a glance which customers and invoices need chasing for payment.

SliQ provides a number of features for tracking and recording payments against invoices as shown in the following sections.

Record payment against a single invoice

After selecting an unpaid invoice in the main list on the Invoices and Payments tab you can easily record a payment against the invoice. The payment can either be a partial payment or pay off the entire, outstanding invoice amount.

Assign a customer payment to multiple invoices

On the Customers & Statements tab you can record a customer payment, e.g. if a customer gives you one thousand pounds or dollars to pay off all or some of his outstanding invoices, you can press the Record button on the Customers & Statements tab. SliQ will then show a wizard that will help you apportion parts of the payment to multiple invoices for the customer.

See the outstanding amount

SliQ displays the outstanding amount for the selected invoice at the bottom of the Invoices & Payments tab. This makes it easy to tell the customer how much more they owe you.

See the age of the invoice

SliQ Invoicing makes it easy to see how old an invoice is, including how long before the invoice becomes due and even how long the invoice has been overdue - just click the invoice in the list on the Invoice & Payments tab then look at the invoice properties.

Allocate a Credit Note against an Invoice

In SliQ you can use a credit note to pay off an invoice. When you press the Record button on the Invoices & Payments tab to record a payment for an invoice, if there are any unallocated credit notes for the customer, SliQ gives you the option of using the credit to pay off the invoice.

Mark a credit note as refunded

Sometimes after raising a credit note for a customer, you simply need to refund them some money. In SliQ recording a refund against a credit note is simple - just select the credit note in the main invoices & credit notes list and press the Record button in the toolbar.

 Plus more features for tracking invoices and customer payments ...

SliQ Invoicing includes lots more features than we have described above, e.g. SliQ can generate two types of customer statements - outstanding items and date range statements showing all customer payments and invoices. SliQ can even bulk email statements to customers so you easily can remind all customers who have outstanding balances that they owe you money.

The easiest way of learning more about how SliQ helps you raise invoices and track payments from customers is to download our free trial on our downloads page.

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