Overview of the Invoice Template Designer

From version 2, SliQ Invoicing Plus includes a template editor. The template designer provides an easy way for you to create customised templates for invoices, credit notes, quotes and statements. You can change the fonts, logos and layouts to suit your business.

Out of the box, SliQ Invoicing comes with a range of pre-defined templates. Whether you need to make a little tweak here and there so that the invoice suits your business better or you want to change a design completely, SliQ's invoice designer let's you do the job quickly and easily.

Invoice Designer Screenshot

Using the template designer, you can:

  1. Change the fonts and colours used on a template.
  2. Add new logos and bitmaps.
  3. Add or delete labels and fields.
  4. Rearrange the positions of items on a template.
  5. Change borders and fill colours of items.
  6. Resize columns in tables.
  7. Add extra columns to tables - add an item code column to an invoice or a purchase order column to a statement.
  8. Change column headings.
  9. Add boxes, e.g. add a signature box.

Note: The invoice template editor is only available in SliQ Invoicing Plus.

Opening the Invoice Template Editor

All you need to do to create a customised invoice template for example, is to select one of the standard templates, choose a new name, make the modifications you need then save your new custom template. The screenshot below shows you how to pick a standard template and edit it.

Invoking the Invoice Designer

Template Editor Basics

To change the properties of an item in a template, e.g. a label, select the item with the mouse then edit the properties in the panel on the right. All you need to do then is press the Save & Close button and your modified template is ready to use.

 Invoice Template Editor

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