SliQ Invoicing Data Import Overview

SliQ Invoicing can import the following kinds of data from CSV files:-

  1. Customer Data
  2. Supplier Data
  3. Product and Discount Data

Note that CSV files are simply text files that can easily be saved from Microsoft Excel. For help on saving your Excel data into CSV format, see Saving CSV Files from Excel.

To import data from Excel, open the Import subtab under the main Setup tab in SliQ Invoicing (as shown in the picture below) then press the Import Customers, Suppliers or Products & Discounts button as appropriate.

Data Import Subtab

Note that the Import tab also allows you to import from SliQ Invoicing-specific files. For more help on these file types, see: Importing/ Exporting Data in the SliQ Online Help file.

After pressing a button, e.g. the Import Customers button, follow these steps to complete the import of your data:-

1. Choose a CSV file to import

Pick the CSV file containing the data you want to import.

SliQ will then display a wizard to aid you through the import process.

2. Read the instructions on the first page of the wizard.

The instructions will tell you how SliQ will handle the data that is imported, e.g. how SliQ will match customer records that are being imported to any that are already held in your company file.

Customer Import Information

Press the Next button to move to the next page.

3. The next page of the wizard advises you to take a backup of your data prior to importing.

Import Wizard Backup Tab

Press the next button to move to the next page.

4. On the next page, match the columns in your CSV file to the fields in SliQ.

The data in a CSV file is arranged into columns. Quite often, the first row in the CSV file will contain a heading/ title for the data in the columns below. For example in the picture below (showing customer data), the columns have the titles Account Number, Business, First Name etc.

CSV File Headings Example

Specify the mappings between the fields in SliQ and the columns in your CSV file:

Field Mappings Dialog

Press the next button to move to the next page.

SliQ will then check the format of the data and see if there are any potential problems. Note that SliQ will remember any mappings you make so that if you reimport data again from a file with the same columns you will not have to specify the field/ column mappings again.

5. On the last page of the wizard, SliQ will indicate if there are any errors.

If errors are indicated, Cancel the wizard and correct the errors in the CSV data.

If no errors are indicated, press the Finish button to complete the data import.

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