If you have previously registered SliQ on your PC and been successfully using the package for some time but now when restarting SliQ it operates as a trial copy again, the most likely cause is that you have moved or deleted your SliQ Invoicing data.

SliQ stores data in the following folders depending on the version of SliQ you are using:-

SliQ Invoicing Plus V6 stores data in My Documents\SliQInvoicing6
SliQ Invoicing Plus V5 stores data in My Documents\SliQInvoicing5
SliQ Invoicing Plus V4 stores data in My Documents\SliQInvoicing4
SliQ Invoicing Plus V3 stores data in My Documents\SliQInvoicing3
SliQ Invoicing Plus V2 stores data in My Documents\SliQInvoicing
SliQ Invoicing Lite stores data in My Documents\SliQInvoicingLite
SliQ Invoicing Standard stores data in My Documents\SliQ

If you have moved or deleted these data folders or some of their contents from your PC and then you run SliQ, SliQ will function as a trial copy. 

Note: If SliQ runs and finds its data folder is missing it will recreate the folder so you may still see the folder on your PC.

Things to try and recover if SliQ has reverted to a trial copy:

a. If you know you have moved the data folder, copy it back and rerun SliQ.
b. If you think the folder may have been deleted, e.g. because you were tidying up folders on your PC, firstly look in the Recycle Bin on your PC to see if the folder can be restored.
c. If you cannot copy the folder back, enter your unlock code and restore your data from a backup.

Note: If you do not have a backup, you can try looking for any SliQ backup files on your PC (the backup files will have file extensions .slb, .sdb, .sdb3, sdb4, .sdb5 or .sdb6 depending on the version of SliQ you were using). Find the most recent files and try restoring them to see which has your most recent data.

Note also: You can ask for your unlock codes to be emailed to automatically by entering the unlock code you used when purchasing on this page: http://www.sliqtools.co.uk/get-copy-of-unlock-code.aspx

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