To configure detailed options for products & stock in SliQ Invoicing ...


Press the Options button in the toolbar.


Make sure the Products & Stock tab is showing in the dialog as follows.







Configure Columns

This button brings up a dialog that allows you to configure which columns show on the list of suppliers on SliQ's main Suppliers tab.

Enable Sales Margin Calculator/ Margin Calculator button

These allow you to configure a sales margin calculator. Using the calculator, you can configure SliQ to automatically calculate a sales price for a product based on its cost price plus the margin you specify, e.g. you might want to calculate a sales price based on a 50% margin.

Number of Products per PO

If you ask SliQ to order stock that is low, this value sets the limit of the number of line items on a single PO to a supplier. For example, if you were ordering 100 separate product lines from a supplier and the Number of Products per PO value is 20, SliQ would raise 5 separate purchase orders against the supplier.


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