To configure detailed options for invoices & payments in SliQ Invoicing ...


Press the Options button in the toolbar.


Make sure the Invoices & Payments tab is showing in the dialog as follows.







Configure Columns

This button brings up a dialog that allows you to configure which columns show on the list of invoices and credit notes on SliQ's main Invoices & Payments tab.

Apply Search to Items on Invoices

SliQ includes a search box on the Invoices & Payments tab. When you type into the box, the list of invoices and credit notes is automatically filtered as you type. By default SliQ does not search the items on invoices (to make the search quicker) but if you check this box, invoice items and descriptions will also be searched as you type.

Default to Unpaid Only in List

Checking this option makes SliQ only display unpaid invoices and unallocated credit notes on the list in the Invoices & Payments tab.

Show Summary Items on Delivery Note

By default SliQ only includes invoice items with non-zero quantities when printing or PDFing an invoice as a delivery note. Checking this option makes SliQ show summary items, i.e. items with a zero quantity, on delivery notes too.

Warn When Raising Invoice for Overdue Customer

Checking this box makes SliQ output a warning and ask for confirmation before it will raise an invoice for an overdue customer. Note that no warning will be produced when a recurring invoice is raised for a customer who is overdue on payment.

Use Specific Start Date in List

This option allows you to ask SliQ to only show invoices and credit notes from a specific date onwards in the list on the Invoices & Payments tab. If this option is unchecked, the list will include all items.

Custom Colors

Allows you to choose the colours used for items in the list on the Invoices & Payments tab.


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