SliQ Invoicing allows you to group date on reports, e.g. group invoices by customer. You can also collapse a group to show a financial summary, e.g. by default the Sales By Invoice reports shows a list of all invoices raised. By grouping, you can customise the report to, for example, split the list of invoices into groups of invoices by customer. By choosing to collapse the groups you can then choose to show an overall summary of sales per customer.


To change the grouping for a report, make sure the Reporting tab is selected and displaying the report you wish to customise.


Then click the Change Title, Columns, Grouping button in the toolbar.




SliQ will then show the Customise Report dialog.


At the bottom of the dialog, select the field on which you want to group.


Optionally, check the Collapse button to collapse the data in the group.




Press the OK button to close the Customise Report dialog.



The following pictures show examples of ungrouped, grouped and collapsed data in reports.


1 - Ungrouped Data



2 - Grouped by Customer



3 - Collapsed Data




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