To configure Document Number Formats and Prefixes options for SliQ Invoicing ...


Press the Options button in the toolbar.


Make sure the Document Number Format & Prefixes tab is showing in the dialog as follows.







Select the Number Type

This option lets you choose the number type you wish to change format. You can independently change the format of invoice numbers, quote number, credit note numbers, purchase order numbers and delivery note numbers.

Use Default Numbering Scheme

Unchecking this option let you use the following fields on the tab to alter the number format.


Enter a prefix for numbers, e.g. you might enter the prefix INV for invoice numbers.

Include Year, Two Digit Year, Include Month, Include Day, Pad Number

These options let you include dates in the number SliQ automatically creates when you raise a new document such as an invoice.


This shows an example of a number created using the options you have chosen.


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