SliQ Invoicing & Quoting allows standard discounts to be saved for easy selection when editing invoices and quotes.


Discounts are applied to the net amount of an item on an invoice or quote, i.e. to the total cost of an item before tax (VAT in the UK) is added to the item.


Two types of discount can be specified:



An absolute amount, e.g. £10.


A percentage, e.g. 5%.


In addition, a description can be specified for a discount. When an invoice or quote is printed, the discount description is printed immediately under the item to which the discount has been applied.


When discounts have been setup, they are presented in a dropdown for easy selection when editing invoices and quotes.


Note: When used with Subtotals, a overall discount can be applied to an invoice or quote or to a group of items on an invoice.


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