SliQ Invoicing allows you to enter a list of discounts on its Products & Stock Control tab.


The following values can be entered for a discount.





The discount name, e.g. you might enter "10% Discount".


When adding line items to an invoice or purchase order, you can use the name to select the discount and add it as a line item.


Note: When a discount is added as a line item on an invoice, the discount applies to the previous line item only. If you want to apply a discount to a set of line items, use a Subtotal line item.


The description of the discount.


If the product is added as a line item on an invoice, this field value will be used as the description for the line item.

Discount Amount

You can specify the discount amount as a percentage, e.g. 10%, or an absolute amount, e.g. £10 or $10.



Note: Any changes made to the details on the Products & Stock Control tab are automatically saved.


NO CHANGES made to the details will affect any existing invoice or quote.


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