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In only a few clicks you can create new invoices and quotes or create a copy of an existing item. You can add your own logo, customer messages or standard details, e.g. bank account details or who to pay cheques to. Click here for a summary and comparison of the features in our software.

To find out more about the differences between SliQ Invoicing packages, check out the table below.


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Download and Install Information

SliQ Invoicing supports Windows XP, Windows Vista, Windows 7, Windows 8, 8.1 and Windows 10.


SliQ Invoicing does not run on an Apple Mac. We do have reports of users who run SliQ Invoicing under Parallels on an Apple Mac but we cannot provide support for users who do so.


SliQ Invoicing and Quoting requires the Microsoft .Net 2.0 Runtime to be installed. This will be downloaded from the Microsoft Web site and installed automatically if it is not already present on your PC. However, on Windows 8, please follow the instructions in this article to enable .Net 2.0 support: Enabling .Net 2 Programs to run on Windows 8.


We recommend that you save the downloaded installer file to the hard drive on your PC before running. We also recommend you keep a copy of the installer file so that you can reinstall SliQ Invoicing when you change your PC.

Uninstall Information

SliQ Invoicing can be uninstalled by opening in the Control Panel in Microsoft Windows on your PC and finding the program entry in Add/ Remove Programs. 

Compare SliQ Invoicing Plus and SliQ Invoicing Lite

Both SliQ Invoicing Plus and Lite will allow you to easily creation invoices and quotes but Plus includes many more features. This table gives the main differences between the Plus and Lite versions. Even though it's got more features, Plus is just as easy to use as Standard.


Feature SliQ Invoicing Plus SliQ Invoicing Lite
Selection of Predefined invoice templates feature included feature included
Create Invoices feature included feature included
Create Quotes feature included feature included
Create Credit Notes feature included feature included
Create Purchase Orders feature included  
Store Supplier Details feature included  
Stock Control feature included  
Spellchecker feature included  
Add Carriage/ Shipping at bottom of invoice feature included  
Add PayPal Buttons to Invoices feature included  
Customise Invoice Number Formats, e.g. Add Prefixes feature included  
Import data from CSV files (saved from Microsoft Excel) feature included  
Print Delivery Notes feature included  
Create Customer Statements feature included feature included
Send documents to customers via email feature included feature included
Save PDFs of documents to disk feature included feature included
Product database for handy selection when editing invoices feature included feature included
Discounts database for handy selection when editing invoices feature included feature included
Handle invoicing for multiple companies feature included feature included
Create new invoice templates feature included  
Create recurring invoices - automate periodic billing feature included  
Modify existing templates - add text labels and graphics feature included  
Optionally show the customer payment history on statements feature included  
Handy statement wizard to quickly issue statements for customers feature included  
Define email templates - save typing emails when sending items feature included  
Send email using SMTP - support for email on multiple platforms feature included  
Email multiple items, e.g. one click to send everyone a statement feature included  
Export customer details to Excel feature included  
Export product details to Excel feature included  
Export sales reports to Excel feature included  
Extra sales reports feature included  
Configurable Data Lists feature included  
Custom/ Configurable Reports feature included  
Multiple Contacts/ Customer feature included  
Customer Price Bands feature included  
Sales Margin Calculator feature included  
Sales Receipts feature included  
Multiple Addresses/ Customer feature included  
Assign payments to multiple invoices feature included  


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