Customer Statements

Sending a statement to a customer can be a great way of reminding them how much they owe you and reminding them that you are due payment.

SliQ Invoicing Plus lets you easily create a statement for a customer showing how much they owe. Using SliQ's statement wizard you can quickly raise a statement for one or more customers and either print or email the statements to help speed up payment.

SliQ supports two types of statement (see below) and includes a wizard that helps you choose a statement type and create statements for customers.

For further help on statements see Statement Types and the Statement Wizard.

Open Items Statement Type

The open items statement type lists all unpaid or partially paid invoices for a customer together with an ageing report showing the amounts owed over predefined periods.

Date Range Statement Type

The date range statement type shows all transactions - invoices, credit notes and payments in a specified date range together with a running balance. This statement also include an aging report like the open items statement.

Automatically Create Statements for Customers

Using the Statements wizard, SliQ can help you create statements automatically for customers, e.g. for all customers with an outstanding balance owed to you, or all customers with overdue balances.

Bulk email statements to Customers

From the statements wizard, after choosing which customers to create statements for, you can choose either to print all the statements or to bulk email the statements to your customers. Emailing statements to customers is the quickest way of letting them know how much they owe you and ensuring you get paid sooner.

Ageing Reports Show How Much is Owed for How Long

Each statement in SliQ Invoicing includes an ageing report showing your customers how much they owe and how long any amounts have been due to you. As of version 5 of SliQ Invoicing Plus you can even edit the age breaks to suit your payment or credit terms.

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