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Windows 8 – How to set Live Mail as the Default Email Client

November 8th, 2012

Some time ago I wrote a blog post about how to set Windows Live Mail as the default email client on Windows 7. Windows Live Mail is still present on Windows 8 but the procedure for setting it as the default program for sending mail via programs like SliQ Invoicing is different as Windows 8 has a new start menu. Here’s how to set Live Mail as the default:

Note: If you follow the instructions below and can’t find Windows Live Mail in the list of programs, read this blog post on how to download and install Windows Live Mail as part of Microsoft’s free Windows Essentials.

1. If you are in desktop mode in Windows 8, press the Windows key on your keyboard (which will switch Windows 8 to show the Start menu).

2. Then just start typing the word “default programs”. The Start menu will then list programs matching the text you are typing and should show the Default Programs app on the top left of the screen as follows:


3. Click on the Default Programs App.

Windows will then switch to desktop mode and show the Set Default Programs window.


4. Make sure Windows Live Mail is selected in the list on the left and click the Set this program as default button (highlighted in the picture above).

Windows Live Mail should now be your default email program, so if you click on a file in Windows Explorer and right-click then email it, Windows Live Mail should be launched automatically.

For more email troubleshooting advice with SliQ Invoicing Plus, see http://www.sliqtools.co.uk/troubleshooting-email-problems.aspx

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