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Twitter email problem: Is your email address active?

October 28th, 2012

Of late, we’ve been using Twitter more frequently but twitter keeps displaying a message saying that it is failing to send emails to us “Is your email address active? We’ve tried to send emails to … “.


However, the email address was fine and emails from other sources sent to that address were getting through OK. Investigating more into our twitter account showed that we’d missed several weeks of direct messages from followers. Missing notifications, especially direct messages from Twitter followers could be quite serious as we may have missed out the opportunity to follow up on leads and enquiries. A little experimentation showed that adding the twitter.com domain to the email/ firewall whitelist allowed the emails to come through properly. Quite why this worked I’m not sure but since adding *.twitter.com to the whitelist, I’ve continued to receive twitter email notifications about new followers, direct messages and so on.

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