Monthly Archives: February 2020

Free Email Client for Windows 10

For a very useful, free desktop email client for Windows 10, try out Mozilla Thunderbird available for download from this website:

A number of desktop software programs need to be able to launch email clients, e.g. SliQ Invoicing requests Windows to launch an email client when you ask to email an invoice. In Windows 10, Microsoft have made this more difficult than in previous versions of Windows by no longer providing a free email client that supports a protocol called Simple MAPI for which free programs like Outlook Express or Windows Live Mail used to be available. A lot of people have bought Microsoft Outlook for email but, if you don’t have Outlook, we now recommend downloading and trying out Thunderbird as a free alternative.

Stop Snagit Editor Popping up When Snipping Tool Captures an Image

Snagit is a great image editor and capture tool but sometimes it is more convenient to capture using the Windows Snipping Tool. However, by default, Snagit runs up its editor when it detects the Snipping Tool capturing an image. This can be somewhat annoying if all you need to do is quickly capture, copy and paste images into an email (for example) using the Snipping Tool.

To stop Snagit from popping up, do the following:

1. Run Snagit, i.e. run the Snagit Capture tool.


2. Under the File menu, Choose the Capture Preferences option.

3. Uncheck the Open screenshots copied from System Tools checkbox …




Now you can snip in peace without the Snagit editor popping up.